Iranian dating website

Ali Nazari and Zohre Sadat are a conservative and religious couple who are deeply in love.

They met four months ago and are desperate to get married. Their families must debate the level of the brideprice – or Mehrieh - before Zohre’s parents will give their final blessing.

Young Iranians are disrupting the matchmaking equation.

They want to marry somebody they love, but they also want to obey their parents and the rules of Islam.

“If a woman has a degree, she won’t accept someone who doesn’t.” Saba Lotfi, a 28-year-old accountancy student at Tehran University, was one of Mrs Mogadam’s visitors.

Sex outside wedlock is illegal in Iran, but many young people are shunning the idea of getting married.

As a result, the regime is worried about a steady fall in Iran’s fertility rate, which has now settled at Western levels.

Joining me is Ali Jafari, our official translator approved by the Ministry of Culture.

REPORTER: Is this the type of place, Mr Jafari, you would come to find a wife?

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