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Aged 19, he was referred to a psychiatrist after suffering a breakdown.

Amanda Marshall, a former girlfriend, lived in Immingham with Huntley when she was just 16 and recalled his sudden rages and violent mood swings.

Police believe he had at least 30 sexual partners, many under the age of consent, many who felt forced to have sex with him, but only a few who reported rape.

The girls who fell for him were later driven away by his possessiveness, violent temper and rash proposals of marriage.

Miss Marshall spent several months accompanying him on his appointments to see a hospital psychiatrist.

The relationship ended in 1994 when he threw her down a flight of stairs and she miscarried their child.

But she had told police that she had not known her attacker - a lie which seriously weakened the case against him.

Lawyers judged the prospect of a conviction remote and the charge was dropped.

He took dead-end jobs and relentlessly pursued sex, refusing to take no for an answer.

"He said his bride had walked out on the wedding night and gone off with his brother."The affair that ensued between his wife and his brother - they eventually married in Thetford, Norfolk, in 2000 and are still together - left Huntley devastated.

He locked himself away and later told friends that he had had a nervous breakdown and made a suicide attempt.

Huntley told police and Smith was suspended from school and fined £50 by a juvenile court.

Huntley left school aged 16 in June 1990 with eight GCSEs but returned in the autumn after failing to get a job.

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