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That the psychic alchemy that takes place as a person sits, silently, in a movie house as film crackles and rolls means that movies can legitimately tackle, and maybe even answer, some of life’s Biggest Questions. To what extent, Allen began wondering, audibly, can the mandates of morality really apply to the messiness of human life? If there’s a through line to Allen’s recent work, it is a deep—almost morbid—curiosity about what, precisely, a person can get away with.comes in the wake of Irrational Man and Magic in the Moonlight—similarly self-indulgent, similarly trivial.

“For God’s sake, Alvy,” exclaims a girl in While Allen may not be, strictly, a member of that generation, his films embraced its aesthetics—and its ethics.In 1979’s Manhattan, Allen’s 40-something character, Isaac, dates a 17-year-old schoolgirl played by Mariel Hemingway (the film is believed to be based on Allen’s real-life experiences dating 16-year-old Stacey Nelkin, whom he met on the set of Annie Hall and dated while she was attending Stuyvesant High School).But the subtle give-and-take that guides deep human connection?There’s love, and loss, and betrayal, and ego, and death ...yet none of these epic themes ever leap from the screen as full or human or even interesting. Perhaps that is Allen’s point—his films have long been interested in existentialism and, lately, nihilism—but nothing in They do. And while that’s a truism that has animated the output of artists from Shakespeare to Austen to Kanye, “matters of the heart” have never, really, been Allen’s strong suit.

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