Updating awstats

Sometimes a server can get behind on its statistical report calculations, typically because most processes that run on the server that are vital to your website being up, have a higher priority than statistic processing.

This guide will walk you through updating your stats from cpanel, this will allow you to pull the latest statistical information from the logs and review the information in the Awstats reports.

There are a lot of reasons as of why the stats are not being updated which can include incorrect file permissions or configuration changes.

In this tutorial we will show you how to update your Awstats reports manually.

We have made the AWStats database in the statdata directory.

When a database is updated AWStats creates a backup with the extension.

The database directory is specified in the config file's Dir Data entry.

Regardless of where invoked, the update process reads the log file (specified in config's Log File entry), parses it, and creates/updates a text file in Dir Data. Once a monthly database file has been updated, it does not have to be updated again; it can be viewed in the main AWStats screen by selecting the corresponding Reported period month and year.

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