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Although she hasn't publicly announced a wedding date, she says that planning the big day hasn't been too difficult.

"I'm glad that my fiancé Hudson and I are on the same page," she said in March.

” Giancola, for his part, had a crush on Ferrier from the moment he met her, but never pursued the Ionian Princess’ gorgeous chief stewardess. But I thought she and [our costar] Ben [Robinson] had a thing, so I didn’t go for it,” he explained to Us.

I’m a big fan of, like, really shiny pretty things, and Bobby is very shiny and pretty. “I also had a thing for [my other costar] Julia [d’Albert Pusey], so when things got really flirty between me and Hannah, I pulled back because I didn’t want Julia to think I was some kind of player.” Unfortunately, Giancola didn’t have a real shot with d’Albert Pusey, who has a boyfriend back home. “That didn’t seem like a serious relationship to me, because I wouldn’t leave my significant other at home while I got out to work on a yacht for an extended period of time. And we’d just end up wrestling and kicking each other’s asses!While you might track the ups and downs of the Liars' relationships on-screen, their off-screen relationships are a little more private.When they're not making out with each other at work, the actors and actresses who play your fave Liars all have exciting love lives in the real world, outside of Rosewood.She even got to guest-star on I think that I might be the luckiest girl alive.Thank you @suits_usa for letting me come play with my best friend.

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