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On February 19, 2013, Mill Creek Entertainment released Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad- Volume 1 on DVD in Region 1 for the very first time.

The 3-disc set features the first 28 episodes of the series.

In or after 2013, Cookie Jar was taken over by DHX Media.

The Jaroo site closed down as a result, but DHX Media mentioned that it planned to re-locate the site, and its shows, for on-line distribution.

Show host Tyra Banks, 43, called forward singers Johnny Manuel and Yoli Mayor and they stepped up to await their fate.'The next act going into the finals is…

woah, neither of you,' Tyra read, as the camera cut to the judges all pulling frustrated and upset faces.

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America's Got Talent pulled a cruel twist Wednesday while announcing five acts headed to the finals.

Sometimes, when Servo was unable to handle a virus by himself, he would call on the help of his friends using his Arsenal Programs.

The Arsenal Programs could fight the viruses solo, transform (with the help of other Programs) and attach to Servo as armor.

DIC, Pangea, and Playmates's marketing group created an ensemble of character names, traits and profiles, which were spun into a most ambiguous series offering.

More than anything else, this was a quick-to-market slam-dunk to capitalize on the upsurge in popularity of imported Japanese monster-robot shows which could be adapted with new, regionalized live-action footage.

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